A new generation of HDMI splitters/switches.
Now with the TurboHD™ processor.

-A new generation of HDMI splitters/switches


The HDElite© PowerHD™ range of HDMI splitters/switches deliver the performance you need for occasional in-home use. This accessible, easy-to-use consumer-grade range is designed to meet a broad array of needs while packing in the latest technologies. The range includes two- to eight-port HDMI splitters, HDMI matrix switches, and three- to five-port HDMI hubs.

Available wherever HDElite© products are sold.


TurboHD™ active signal-boosting technology is effective over distances of up to 20 meters (splitter/switch input and output) and supports all HDMI standard specifications. The new TurboHD™ processor, used in all HDElite© PowerHD™ products, ensures optimal signal-boosting performance and electronic signal control for a perfect image, whatever audio/video equipment you are using.

2 more HDMI inputs on your TV screen!

The HDMI switch, part of our PowerHD™ range of products, lets you add 2 more HDMI input on your HD screen PowerHD™ high-fidelity HDMI splitters/switches are simply the best on the market. Why? Because they are made from the best components, including the latest TurboHD™ processor. The resulting performance will exceed your expectations!

One HDMI unit to rule them all.

HDElite© PowerHD™ HDMI splitters/switches are compatible with all HDMI equipment. And by all, we really mean all! Use HDElite© PowerHD™ products with your Blu-Ray, DVD recorder, PS4, XBOX One, HD satellite receiver, pay TV set-top boxes, and more. Choose from a range of models with multiple inputs and outputs depending on your needs. Whatever model you choose, the remote control (included) makes HDElite© PowerHD™ products – and your entire HD setup – easy to use.

Compatible with all audio and video formats.

HDElite© PowerHD™ HDMI splitters/switches are compatible with all audio and video formats, which adapt automatically to your screen resolution. Whether your content is 4K, Full HD, 3D, or 24-bit Deep Color, it will be transmitted as its creator intended. HDElite© PowerHD™ products also support all audio formats, including LPCM, Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and more.

Built to last.

HDElite© PowerHD™ HDMI splitters/switches are robust, with 24-karat-gold-plated connectors and a slate of standard technologies like Ethernet Channel and Audio Return Chanel. Not only are they built to last, but they will also stay with you even as new technologies emerge.