Simple, powerful, robust
HDMI for all

-Straightforward, versatile performance


HDElite© ClassicHD™ cables put digital technology in your hands. Versatile HDElite© ClassicHD™ cables work with all of your HDMI peripherals. And, when it comes to performance, these cables pack in a slate of innovative technologies like Audio Return Channel and DTS-HD. Get the latest innovations in a straightforward HDMI cable.

Available wherever HDElite© products are sold.

HDMI cables are sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are also subject to significant signal loss, particularly over longer cable lengths. HDElite© developed TitaniumHD™ technology to make sure your signals are transmitted unhindered by interference or signal loss. During the final stages of manufacturing, the copper wires inside our HDMI cables are coated with a special metal alloy for optimal transmission, even over cables as long as 40 meters. TitaniumHD™ makes a great HDMI cable, the HDElite© ClassicHD™, even better!

Quadruple shielding.

Extreme protection.

HDElite© ClassicHD™ cables are designed to withstand signal-disrupting electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are also impact-resistant. The secret to their robustness? A high-density quadruple shielding of 100% aluminised metal and ferrite shavings for maximum protection tested – and proven – under extreme conditions.

HDGrip™ connectors.
The gold standard in connectors.

Our HDGrip™ connectors boast 18-karat-gold plating for incredibly sharp images year after year. When combined with the advanced, high-performance materials used in our HDElite© ClassicHD™ cables, these connectors set the gold standard for quality signal transmission. Plus, their innovative design gives you a better grip for a stronger connection every time you plug in. HDGrip™ technology helps our HDMI cables keep performing no matter what life throws at them.

High-precision conductors.

HDMI cables transmit large volumes of audio and video signals, so they need high-precision conductors to make sure your images reach your display intact. HDElite© cables use oxygen-free copper conductors for a sharp, lifelike home theatre experience every time.

Designed to last.

HDElite© ClassicHD™ HDMI cables were designed to deliver exceptional longevity in even the harshest environments. High-end materials and quality welds carried these cables through our durability tests with flying colours.