The first-ever HDMI 2.0 cable.
Compatible with 4K HD content.

-Ready for 4K


Just because you don’t have the latest-generation TV or home cinema doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best possible HDMI cables! HDElite© UltraHD™ cables are a long-term investment in a quality audio and video experience. Broad compatibility makes these cables the perfect solution for a wide range of HD setups, and you can count on the latest technology to take you far into the future.

Available wherever HDElite© products are sold.

HDMI cables are sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are also subject to significant signal loss, particularly over longer cable lengths. HDElite© developed TitaniumHD™ technology to make sure your signals are transmitted unhindered by interference or signal loss. During the final stages of manufacturing, the copper wires inside our HDMI cables are coated with a special metal alloy for optimal transmission, even over cables as long as 40 meters. TitaniumHD™ makes a great HDMI cable, the HDElite© ClassicHD™, even better!

HDMI 2.0 and 4K compatible.

Get the best in HDMI technology.

HDElite© UltraHD™ cables place the latest technological advances in your hands. And yet, they are suitable for use in all HD environments, starting with HDMI 2.0a and HDMI 2.0b, through to Ultra HD 3D in brilliant colour powered by our 24-bit Deep Color technology. Get power and flexibility with HDElite© UltraHD™ cables and enjoy even your most recent content as it is meant to be seen.

An unforgettable audio experience.

HDElite© UltraHD™ cables pack in 32 audio channels for total sampling rates of up to 1,536 kHz, taking your home theatre experience to the next level. These cables are designed to deliver performance across all audio formats, from DTS, DTS-HD, and Dolby True-HD to LPCM 2.0. HDElite© UltraHD™ cables quite simply give you the best audio quality available in an HDMI product.

The best materials for the ultimate in protection.

The materials used to manufacture HDElite© UltraHD™ cables have been carefully selected for performance and durability. For example, we use 99.99% oxygen-free copper – the best available on the market – and 18-karat-gold-plated connectors. And, our HDElite©-exclusive TitaniumHD™ shielding is an extremely thin metal alloy coating added during the last stages of manufacturing to protect your cable from electromagnetic interference.

Perfection is in the details.

At HDElite© our quest for perfection – which for us means zero signal-quality loss – is visible in every detail of our products. From precision welds to easy-to-handle and reliable HDGrip™ connectors, every facet of our HDElite© UltraHD™ cables is thought out to ensure optimal signal transmission over the product’s lifetime.

Exciting performance in a striking new package.

At HDElite© our product engineers take design very seriously. The new HDElite© UltraHD™ cable, with its sleek brushed-aluminium head and precision assembly, is beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside. And, with a diameter 50% wider than the previous generation HDElite© UltraHD™ cable, you get the best possible performance even with longer cable lengths. The future is here!

HDGrip™ connectors.
The gold standard in connectors.

Our HDGrip™ connectors boast 18-karat-gold plating for incredibly sharp images year after year. When combined with the advanced, high-performance materials used in our HDElite© ClassicHD™ cables, these connectors set the gold standard for quality signal transmission. Plus, their innovative design gives you a better grip for a stronger connection every time you plug in. HDGrip™ technology helps our HDMI cables keep performing no matter what life throws at them.

Quadruple shielding.

Extreme protection.

HDElite© ClassicHD™ cables are designed to withstand signal-disrupting electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are also impact-resistant. The secret to their robustness? A high-density quadruple shielding of 100% aluminised metal and ferrite shavings for maximum protection tested – and proven – under extreme conditions.