Top performance.
The ultimate in reliability.

-Professional-grade HDMI products


Designing powerful products is one thing. Designing powerful products that keep on delivering performance after thousands of hours of use is another. Our ProHD™ range can withstand intensive use in even the most demanding professional settings. All ProHD™ products are made with superior-quality electronics selected for their impact resistance and capacity to withstand substantial temperature fluctuations. You get total peace of mind knowing your equipment will keep on working no matter what.

Available wherever HDElite© products are sold.


TurboHD™ active signal-boosting technology is effective over distances of up to 20 meters (splitter/switch input and output) and supports all HDMI standard specifications. The new TurboHD™ processor, used in all HDElite© PowerHD™ products, ensures optimal signal-boosting performance and electronic signal control for a perfect image, whatever audio/video equipment you are using.

Great performance.

Enhanced reliability.

ProHD™ products were designed for intensive use in professional environments, offering exceptional performance and a lifespan five times that of our PowerHD™ range of HDMI splitters/switches. ProHD™ premium product components are selected for their robustness – proven by extensive field tests. With ProHD™ HDMI products, your equipment will be well served for a long time to come, even in the most demanding environments.

The best in HDElite© technology for professionals only.

All products in the ProHD™ range pack in the latest HDElite© technologies, from the TurboHD™ signal processor and electronic signal booster to universal compatibility with HDMI standard specifications. With overhauled electronics improved to ensure consistent performance and aerospace-industry reliability over the products’ very long lifespan, ProHD™ is the only range of HDMI products on the market to align with such exacting standards.